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Publisher: TimeWarner / Warner Forever
Release Date: Dec. 2003
ISBN:   0446613665
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Robyn Glazer  
Reviewer Notes:  

License to Thrill
By Lori Wilde

     License to Thrill is a sexy mystery with characters that sizzle alone and even more together. Charlee Champagne is a private investigator based in Las Vegas who works with her grandmother, Maybelline. When Maybelline leaves for her annual fishing trip earlier than usual, Charlee thinks nothing of it. That is, until Mason Gentry shows up looking for his grandpa in connection with Maybelline.

     Mason Gentry is steaming mad because he is the one who has gotten stuck with the chore of finding his rich grandfather who has disappeared with the family company's money, half a million dollars. Mason found Maybelline's name and number on Nolan's paper and he refuses to believe Charlee when she insists that Maybelline has nothing to do with Nolan or his money. Together, they search for their grandparents only to learn that they have been kidnapped by an Elvis impersonator. As they say, only in Vegas.

     I enjoyed License to Thrill and was happy that the mystery got just as much time as the romance. The characters moved this original story along at a fast pace. I will definitely look for other books by Lori Wilde.