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Publisher: Avon Books / Harper Collins
Release Date: 2004
ISBN: 0-06-053671-3
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre:   Semi-Historical Romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Claudia Turner VanLydegraf
Reviewer Notes:  Sort of soft-romantic encounters and visions. Not overly graphic, but enough to tantalize

Love and the Single Heiress  
By Jacquie D’Alessandro

     Jacquie D’Alessandro writes the way a person wants to feel. She expresses the thoughts and needs of a woman who is starting to come out from under her immaturity and is becoming what she is supposed to be. During that ride, she learns that there are always things that a woman, yes, even a Lady, needs to be whole and feel complete. Enter Andrew Stanton, who has had a past life that brought him to this place and this time. He longs for and eventually gets to know and love this illusive Lady, through the hardships of a position of uncertainty and longing. Lady Catherine has a past and a secret that involves a Mr. Charles Brightmore and a highly erotic (for its time) book, and that threatens to put her out from her societal trappings. When she thinks that she is a target for nefarious actions, only to find Mr. Stanton is really the target, she finds her true feelings.

    Ms. D’Alessandro understands the needs and mores of the past generations in the English countryside, and brings those things to today’s lifestyle and meanings. She makes a woman think about the expectations put upon her by that society or, even now, this society. Even with all the freedom and openness of affairs and loving, there are still things expected and given in relationships. She brings them to the surface and makes a point to have them understood.

   “Love and the Single Heiress” is an enjoyable lighthearted read that in some places will bring a tear to your eyes and a lump in the throat. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and left it, while still going over some of the parts and especially the chapter headings in my mind.