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Publisher: Ballantine Books
Release Date: 2004
ISBN: 0804119945
Format Reviewed: Mass Market Paperback
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Contemporary romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Janet Elaine Smith

Reviewer Notes:  Some sex—mixed with humor

Reviewer, Janet Elaine Smith is the author of 12 published novels, including her latest two, Par for the Course and And They Called Her General Leigh. She also writes for many magazines, both print and ezines.


Mad About Mia
By Millie Criswell

      This is the fourth book of Millie Criswell that are set in Little Italy in Baltimore, MD. The same characters follow through in this book, as well as in the previous three. In true Criswell style, this book is hilarious.

   Mia DeNero has started a private eye business. The only thing she is lacking is a client. If she had at least one, maybe she could at least pay the rent on her dumpy office.

     Enter Nick Caruso to the rescue. Nick is posing as a geeky computer nerd author, when in reality he is an undercover FBI agent, who is trying to find an “in” to get information on Mia’s wacky relatives (which include Mia’s outspoken mother and cross-dressing ex-cop father) and friends who are supposedly running a very illegal used car sales shop.

    Mia and Nick have more than their share of ups and downs after Nick moves in with her. You will find yourself sympathizing with Mia, getting mad at Nick, but laughing at every turn in this delightful tale. The only problem with the book is that rumor has it that this might be the last of the Little Italy tales, which is indeed a shame. I could read at least one a year for years to come.

      Very highly recommended. You can’t go wrong with a Millie Criswell book, but these are the best of the bunch.