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Publisher: New Concept Publishing
Release Date:
Format Reviewed: (Short Story) E-book
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Genre: Fantasy Romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Shelina Emery
Reviewer Notes: ``E`` Sensual 

The Maiden and the Werewolf
By Taylor Manning

     Kira believes her Grandmother Amma, while sick with the lung fever, was going mad. Her Grandmother told her she was different. That she had given Kira potions to keep the males from finding her. Kira sat in disbelief when she was told she was a wolf as well as a woman. But now, Kira had reached her time, and two handsome men, one of the Light, the other of the Dark, were determined to have her.

     Valgard is the wolf of the Light. He knows who and what Kira is, even though she denies it. Before the grandmother passes, she instructs Kira to let Valgard guide her through the changes she knew were to come. Skarp is the wolf of Darkness. He wants Kira for his mate as well. Although Valgard has already claimed Kira, Skarp believes he can bring her over to the dark side and be her mate.

     Though Kira tries to deny what she is, once Valgard is threatened, the instinct to protect her mate takes over. Kira learns the truth of her heritage when her love for Valgard takes place of her fear.

     Taylor Manning has created a very touching story. Although it’s a short story, it keeps you enthralled until the end. The story of a woman who refuses to face her destiny, and a man who awakens her to both destiny and love. I very much enjoyed “The Maiden and the Werewolf.”