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Publisher: Warner Books
Release Date: May 2004
ISBN: 0446612847
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Sheila Griffin
Reviewer Notes:  

Man Trouble
By Melanie Craft

   Molly Shaw, conservative college professor has a deep, dark secret. Her alter ego is romance novelist, Sandra St. Claire. If this information ever becomes public, she will lose everything: her job, her reputation and most importantly, her father's love and respect.

   Carter McKee is Molly's best friend. He's also a journalist struggling to make a name for himself. He comes up with a brilliant idea. He will write a book about the world's most eligible bachelor, Jake Berenger. There's only one hitch. Jake never gives interviews, so a book is out of the question. To overcome this problem, Carter hatches a plan. Molly will convince Jake to let Carter write his biography.

    Molly doubts that a mousy brunette will be able to even catch the playboy's eye, let alone convince him to do something so out-of-character. Carter has a solution for that as well. Molly won't be doing the convincing, Sandra will. Molly thinks Carter is crazy. Carter calls in a lifetime of favors and Molly reluctantly finds herself agreeing. A total make- over, involving a blond wig and lots of padding, ensues. Once Carter declares Molly ready, they head for Jake's island resort.

    At the resort, Molly relaxes on the terrace of her cottage. Since it's so early, she isn't in her "Sandra" getup yet. Who should jog by but Jake? In a panic, she runs into her room. Later that day when Sandra meets Jake, the only sparks flying are ones of irritation as she literally knocks him off his feet. Discouraged, Molly goes exploring, dressed as herself. Once again, she runs into Jake. How can this keep happening?

    Jake's business is facing a hostile takeover. The last thing he has time for is the ditzy blond who seems intent on pursuing him. The little brunette, now she's another matter altogether. As Jake continues to run into Molly, he finds himself more and more intrigued by her.

     A desperate plan bring this fun story to its climax.

    This is a good book. It's sexy, but not overly explicit, and Molly's excursions as Sandra are quite comical.