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Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Release Date:
ISBN: 1-58608-535-2
Format Reviewed: e-Book
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Genre: Time Travel Romance 
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Shelina Emery

Reviewer Notes:  Sensual

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Melodi's Tune
By Karin Huxman

   Melodi is an anthropologist. She is staying at a friend's house on the lake for the summer to work on a paper. The lake is beautiful and she needs peace and quiet. When Darien pulls into the driveway, she realizes her solitude is shattered. There is instant attraction between the two. Darien is hiding from music fans to recover from a throat ailment. He becomes ill and Melodi is determined to nurse him back to health.

   A tune whispers across the lake and Melodi sees herself and Darien in a past life. Darien is shocked to hear the tune played, as he was in the process of writing it. They are connected somehow by the beautiful piece of music. One night the music sends them back in time, only Darien returns alone. With the help of a spirit leader, he returns to find Melodi. The woman he meets looks like her, but she has faded memories.

    Together the two must right a terrible wrong before they can return together and build on the love they found in another time and place.

    I loved this book ! Romance at its very best! An absolutely beautiful story with myth, folklore, and legend. I found it captivating, as well as enchanting throughout the entire book. An awesome read. Will be reading more from this wonderful author. Highly recommended!