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Publisher: Avon/Harper Collins
Release Date: July 25, 2004
ISBN: 0380785625
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre:   Regency Romance

Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer
Reviewer Notes:  

By Julia Quinn

    Henriettta Barrett is an unconventional beauty who doesn't care for society's rules. Answering to the name of "Henry," she rebels against convention by wearing breeches. For years now she has been managing the Cornwall estate of her elderly guardian.

    When her guardian dies, a distant cousin, William Dunford, London's most elusive bachelor, inherits the estate. Dunford is stunned to learn that he has inherited property, a title and a ward. He arrives in Cornwall determined to assume his inheritance, but Henry is also determined to run the estate without any help from Dunford.

    When they return to London, Dunford tries to turn Henry into a lady and in doing so makes her the darling of the town. This he finds is not to his liking, since he discovers his feelings for Henry go beyond those of a guardian.

    This is a lighthearted story of a strong and caring man and an enchanting, capable woman. The playful banter between the two is delightful. The reader thinks of the characters as people one might know and shares their emotions, their passions, their sorrows, their dreams. The scenes of Regency society with its gaiety and revelry are successfully portrayed.