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Publisher: Xlibris Corp
Release Date: August 2002
ISBN: 1401060773
Format Reviewed: Hardback
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Genre: Historical Romance [1692 Carolina]
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Rachel A Hyde
Reviewer Notes: Some violence 

Mirrors of the Soul
By Kathy Galloway

     Jared Tanner is a man on the run – he has killed an earl and now his family has sent his brother after him. Jared has escaped to Carolina, but even there he is pursued and his brother searches to warn him. But Jared’s life has involved running away before, and there are some things that cannot be escaped even in a virgin wilderness. With him is escaped prostitute Felicity James, in need of more than just a friend. Can they help each other to overcome their pasts, or is it too late?

     Have a rest from conventional historical romance, and read this novel. Not a bodice ripper, nor “sweet,” nor humorous; this is a book about damaged pasts and the search for one’s own identity. It is also a story with plenty of suspense – will the Colonel [who’s he?] catch up with Jared, and what will he gain when we learn how he disliked his brother? Will Felicity be forced back to her old life? Then there is the description of a virgin world, which gives people a chance to live a good hardworking life if they wish. It is not a cheerful read, but a most profound and thought-provoking one which might well appeal to those who don’t normally read historical novels, and who don’t particularly like romance. Its description of two people’s attempts to rise out of a life where they have only known abuse surely strikes a chord in today’s world. The sort of book that tends to stay in the mind after it is closed.