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Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Release Date: April 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-429-1
Format Reviewed: e-book
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Genre: Paranormal romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Amanda Kimbrell
Reviewer Notes: Violence; horror; sexual content 

The Mists of Midnight
By Michelle M. Pillow

     Wild and rebellious Imogene Drake refuses to bow to her parents’ wishes of a tutor and a husband whom she can barely stand to look upon. Fleeing on her horse for a brief respite of the cruel injustice, Imogene falls prey to a nasty accident. Upon waking, she finds herself surrounded by people she is not sureare in this world or the next. With help from Dougal Weston, her new tutor who is causing a most unwelcome affect on her sensibilities, Imogene must confront an ancient evil to save not only her family, but also many souls who lost their lives to one who craved power.

     What a new way to look at what goes "Bump!" in the night! Michelle M. Pillow has created a host of characters (some with a little less substance to them!) and created a story to keep readers going till deep into the night. Wonderfully written, with a spine tingling ending. Readers may want to keep their night-lights going!