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Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing International
Release Date: February 20, 2004
ISBN: 1920741852
Format Reviewed: e-book
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Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Reviewer: Sheila Griffin
Reviewer Notes:

By Jennakay Francis

     Thalassa is eight months pregnant when her village is destroyed by evil Lord Rhaeven. She and her fellow peasants are enslaved. As they are being branded, she uses her magic to shield the others from the pain.

     Rhaeven announces that after the baby is born, Thalassa will be his whore. Her life is a living hell. The only joy she has is her memories of three wonderful days she spent with Terran, the only kind man she has ever known.

     Elven Crown Prince Terran must have an heir by year's end lest he forfeit the throne to his younger brother, Unwin. This would be tragic. Cruel Unwin is not fit to rule.

    Terran was betrothed to a woman who was killed by a stray hunting arrow. In his mourning, he sought oblivion in drink. Instead, he found comfort in the arms of a beautiful woman - the woman named Thalassa. Three glorious days they spend together before she returns to her hometown and a loveless marriage.

      Terran leaves the kingdom seeking Thalassa. He finds her village destroyed. An eight-year-old girl named Vaoni is the only survivor who escaped capture. Using his magic, Terran discovers that Thalassa has been captured by Rhaeven. He must find refuge for Vaoni, and then free Thalassa.

      Terran places Vaoni safely in the custody of a clergyman and heads off to free Thalassa. His horse refuses and returns to Vaoni. The preacher is selling Vaoni to a vile man. When his wife begs him not to sell the child, he cruelly assaults her. Terran rescues both the woman and the girl. Now with two helpless people in his charge, Terran sets out to rescue his love.

       Rhaeven gives Thalassa a servant boy named Eri. Together, Thalassa and Eri plan an escape. Eri kills Rhaeven's brother in a scuffle. Now they have no choice. They must immediately attempt their escape, two slaves against Rhaeven's great army.

      This book is well paced and interesting. The characters are well rounded. I hope that some of the secondary characters will have stories of their own. This is a good book.