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Publisher: WestBow Press
Release Date: January 2005
ISBN: 0785260625
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre:   Contemporary Inspirational Romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Faith V. Smith

Reviewer Notes:  Humorous, inspiring and definitely a keeper.

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Paper Moon
By Linda Windsor

    Caroline Spencer agrees to help chaperone her daughter Annie's youth church group on a trip to Mexico. She finds that she may need a keeper herself when she meets the father of one of Annie's teenage friends. Blaine Madison is the stuff dreams are made of-which meant way out of her league. "Miz C," as Annie's friends call her, knows she has nothing to offer a man, and what man in his right mind would want a forty something klutz anyway? Nothing on earth can change that fact-only God.

   Blaine's irritation at having to substitute in his mother's place on a church trip goes down a notch when he meets the much-lauded Miz C. His daughter Karen has sung her praises for a long time, but she failed to mention that the single mother-Sunday School and Day-care owner is attractive as a newly-minted penny. Now, the time he planned to steal for business is taken up by making sure the lovely Miz C doesn't hurt herself.

    Caroline and Blaine seem to be thrown together and drawn to one another as the tour takes them through several cities and villages in Mexico. Caroline begins to dream of fairy tale endings when Blaine takes her in his arms for a dance, but when he catches her with green goop on her face and rollers in her hair, she is sure her Prince Charming is going to run for the hills.

    Blaine knows that he is falling in love, but his heart is afraid to hope. His first wife died in a car accident and he blamed God for her death. Now, he finds that praying to God is a lot easier to do when there is someone to guide you. Caroline's faith in a power that guides the stars rubs off on him, and Blaine begins to believe that all could be right in his world.

   Ms. Windsor captures the inspiration that carries her characters throughout book one of the Moonstruck Series. She has created a hero, heroine and a set of sometimes-humorous circumstances that are true to life. Add in a bit of mystery and danger and you have a perfect mix for a romance. Add the loving kindness of a forgiving Lord and you have a promise for eternity.