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Publisher: Avon/Harper Collins
Release Date: August 2004
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre:   English Regency

Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Faith V. Smith
Reviewer Notes:  Explicit Sex

A Perfect Bride
By Samantha James

    Devon St. James is attacked and left for dead in St. Giles, one of England's most nefarious neighborhoods. Sebastian Sterling, the Marquess of Thurston, is out and about, looking for his brother, when he stumbles on the limp form of what he mistakenly believes is a strumpet. Compelled by something beyond his ingrained reasoning, Sebastian takes Devon to his home, where he nurses her back to health. Once she is well, he teaches her how to read, and when the time comes, how to love.

   Devon has only known the love of her mother. Her father was an aristocrat who died when she was a baby. Now the sinfully handsome man who saved her life is turning it upside down. His kind, warm, and at times exasperating manner makes her crazy with love and lust. Certainly something the Marquess will approve of, but Devon plans to keep that information to herself; Sebastian's plan to wed a wealthy heiress leaves no place in his life for a street urchin.

   Ms. James does it once again with a regency that flows with passion, suspense, and love.