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Publisher: Zebra
Release Date: May 1, 2004
ISBN: 0821773429
Format Reviewed: Advance Reader Copy
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Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Sheila Griffin
Reviewer Notes:  

Perfect Switch 
By Lisa Plumley

      While Meredith is house sitting for Marley, her movie star sister, she spies an invitation to experience the "fantasy of a lifetime." Deciding that one night of pretending to be Marley will not hurt anything, Meredith decides to go for it.

      The limo, complete with a sexy escort named Tony, arrives to pick her up. As the ride progresses, Meredith learns that this fantasy is not just for a single night. Feeling reckless, Meredith promises to be Tony's for as long as he would like.

      Tony wants her for exactly two weeks. He is not just a sexy escort. He is the heir to a movie studio. "Marley" has been hired to work at a camp for aspiring actors.

        Meredith reveals that she is not Marley. Tony doesn't believe her. This is just another example of Marley's legendary laziness. He demands that she fulfill her contract.

      Resigned Meredith decides to forge ahead. Really, how hard can it be to pretend to be an actress for two weeks!

      It turns out to be much harder than Meredith expects. Marley is a diva and glamour queen. Meredith is a tomboy and an academic whiz. Marley lives in her stilettos. Meredith wouldn't know a pair of stilettos if she fell off one ... which she does. One other minor problem.... Meredith has no acting ability whatsoever. To make matters worse, an undercover reporter is snooping around.

         Tony cannot figure out why the actress is so different from what he expected. Finally, it dawns on him. This is no crackpot excuse. Instead of movie star Marley, he really does have her nerdy twin sister. With the specter of bankruptcy looming over the movie studio, Tony must help Meredith pull off the deception.

      As they spend time together, Tony finds himself unexpectedly falling for Meredith. She returns the feelings but suspects that "Marley" may be the true object of his affections. How can she trust the love of a man who doesn't know the real her?

      This book is written in Lisa Plumley's typical style. Sexy, but not too explicit. Funny, but not too slapstick. Breezy and lighthearted, it is a very good book.