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Publisher: Five Star Publishing/Expressions
Release Date: October 2003
ISBN: 1-59414-027-8
Format Reviewed: Advance Review Copy
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Genre: Paranormal Romance [Las Vegas, Nevada]
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Faith V. Smith
Reviewer Notes:  Explicit Sexual content

The Protector
By Jenifer A. Ruth

      Alana Devlin's magic is not an illusion. By rights of heritage she is a faerie and a witch all rolled into one. She has also inherited the title Protector of all the mortals in her circle. But Alana never dreamed she would need protection herself from an unknown mortal assailant.

      Her injuries and the fact she is the victim of a serial killer, who missed her by inches, brings her to the attention of Detective Leo Grady. Leo's experience with women is jaded. They always leave you when you are injured; something he doesn’t want to happen again and he blinds his heart and mind to the fact that Alana is different.

      With Leo playing policeman and her protector, Alana plies her magic in an effort to find her assailant before he attacks again. Her deadline for capturing him is shortened when the authorities that rule her other world give her an ultimatum--punish her attacker first or they will. Their brand of justice would not only earn the elusive killer a one-way ticket to death but would also put innocent lives at risk.

       When Alana is attacked a second time while in protective custody, Leo is determined to protect her with his life if necessary. She has become the most important thing in the miserable existence he led before he met her. He would die for her.

      Alana is frustrated--Leo might hold feelings for her, but he is not willing to allow her to get close to him in the emotions department. His wall of indifference, doing his duty, doesn’t faze her. She knows he is the man of her dreams.

      As a first time reader of Ms. Ruth's, I found myself enthralled with the magic of her words, her characters and her unique way of bringing out the desire to wish upon a star.