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Publisher: HarperAudio
Release Date: September 1, 2004
Format Reviewed: Audio CD - 5 hrs / 5 Compact Discs
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Genre:   Contemporary Romance

Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Suzie Housley
Reviewer Notes:

The Rocky Road to Romance
By Janet Evanovich

   Twenty six-year-old Daisy Adams is struggling to pay her bills and student loans by having a wide variety of part time jobs. Her hectic lifestyle doesn't stop her from pursuing her true goal of having a five-minute slot on a local radio station. When a traffic reporter is injured, Daisy readily volunteers to take his place until he is able to return. Convincing Program Director Steve Crow she is ready for the job change will be her biggest challenge.

     Steve Crowe has always admired the upbeat attitude shown by Daisy Adams in all the many jobs she is holding. But when she offers to fill in as a traffic reporter, it takes him by surprise. The job will require them to be in close quarters for long periods of time. He questions whether or not he will be able to put up with Daisy's quirky ways. He gives in to his better judgement, and accepts Daisy's offer of help. Little does he know that life with Daisy is an adventure that is waiting to be explored.

    Bravo Janet Evanovich! You have written one of the funniest romantic comedies I have read in 2004. The characters of Steve and Daisy are simply adorable. This is a book that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Very highly recommend.