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Publisher: Avon/Harper Collins
Release Date: Jan 2004
ISBN: 0380815680
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer
Reviewer Notes: Explicit sex

Seen By Moonlight
By Kathleen Eschenburg

      Annabelle Hallston must marry Royce Kincaid or come up with the money her father owes his father. Penniless, she must provide a home for her brother. For his part, Kincaid must protect his brother. It is to be a marriage of convenience. But she falls in love with Kincaid. He refuses to acknowledge his feelings toward her because of his troubled past. He vanishes to the West. He is gone during the years of the Civil War, to return at the end of the war. He gives Annabelle, who has remained married to him during the devastating years of the war, a year to decide whether she wants to divorce him. On his return he becomes reacquainted with the woman he hastily married, and wants to remain married. It is a time of soul searching on the part of both to resolve the situation.

     Set in Virginia during the Civil War, this is a pleasant well-written tale of love, hardship and devastation during the war years. The author has done excellent research about the Civil War. She has painted a picture of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia in peacetime and of the destruction that the war brought the country. The story of the two lovers is a picture of honor, love and fulfillment.