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Publisher: HarperAudio / HarperCollins
Release Date: June 29, 2004
ISBN: 0060757663
Format Reviewed: Audio CD / six hours / 5 compact disc
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Genre:   Historical romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks

Reviewer Notes:  explicit love scenes

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Some Enchanted Evening 
By Christina Dodd
Read by Elizabeth Sastre

     Princess Clarice and her sister Amy survive on the money they earn selling a beauty cream of sorts. A revolution chases them from their small kingdom to England and later Scotland. In Scotland, Clarice takes up with Robert MacKenzie, the Earl of Hepburn. Soon she and Amy accept the Earl’s invitation to live with him and his sister. Clarice and Amy continue to speak various languages and train themselves for their prospective princes. Robert controls his lands and everyone on them. He wants Clarice and eventually seduces her, but he doesn’t ask for her hand in marriage. He does ask her to help him in a vengeful plot, a plot that puts her and Amy in danger.

    Wait a minute, what kind of hero is this Earl? Can he redeem himself in the eyes of the readers? Will Clarice demand more from him or continue to wait for her prince to come?

   Desirous women vs. jealous ones, a hero who walks a fine line between good and bad, not to mention numerous sensual loves scenes; Dodd fans should be pleased with the Lost Princesses trilogy. The humor is subtle. The characters’ emotions speak to the readers. And the historical atmosphere is near flawless. Some Enchanted Evening is a romantic tale adeptly prepared to take its readers to another place and time.

   The audio book reader of Some Enchanted Evening is actress Elizabeth Sastre. Sastre is best known for her stage work and TV shows like As the World Turns and Law and Order. She accurately conveys the emotions, humor and accents of each character. The love scenes are steamy, so remember your headphones.