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Publisher: Avon Books, a division of Harper Collins Publishing
Release Date: 2004
ISBN: 0-06-009298-X
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre:   Historical Romance, setting 1803.
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Claudia Turner VanLydegraf
Reviewer Notes:  

Temptation of a Proper Governess
By Cathy Maxwell

     Cathy Maxwell paints a picture of what it was like to live in a rather complex time in history. There were many mores and guidelines to inhibit and condemn those that wanted to just get slightly outside the norm, even a little bit. If the person were to be taken from today’s world and whisked back to 1803 and try to live there for a time, there would be many changes that would have to be made. This book helps a person understand what it was like to be of that frame. There were many things and ways of being that a person who was respectable just would not abide.

     Temptations of a Proper Governess brings in a young girl who had no other way to live but to take care of someone else’s family, as was proper during that period. She struggles with temptations of handsome men, and men who would play their games with her mind and body. She wants to be honorable and eventually marries, but it is not really a marriage made in heaven—in the beginning and much to her dismay. However, this man she married eventually discovers that he really does want her, and he makes it his passion to eventually prove it to her. He finds his true joy in and during his life. She is only seeking to live, learn, and take care of the children; however, she finds herself in the middle of many unpredictable situations and duties. Soon, with the care and help of a few around her, she sees what the man she married is and how he loves her. There are twists, turns, and histories that have to be overcome for the two of them to be happy and reach wedded bliss. Michael loves Isabel with his heart, and makes her believe in him, although not many others would.

    A good read that takes the hearts of a man and a woman and opens both of them up.