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Publisher: Avon/Harper Collins
Release Date: March 2004
ISBN: 006056661
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Historical romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer
Reviewer Notes: Explicit sex

Three Nights
By Debra Mullins

In Cornwall 1810, Aveline Stoddard begs Lucien DuFeron not to kill her father, Lord Chestwick, who has lost a lot of his money gambling. DuFeron accuses him of cheating, Lucien agrees to forgive the debt in exchange for 3 nights of sex with Aveline.

A few months later Aveline sends Lucien a note informing him that she is pregnant. His best friend responds telling her to have a nice life.

Lucien is assaulted and impressed, leading to 5 years at sea. When he returns home he blames Chestwick for his abduction. Chestwick has suffered a stroke. Lucien recognizes 5 year old Chloe as his daughter and he marries Aveline. When he refuses to take her father with them, she refuses to have sex with him. He straightens out her father's debts. She feels that he is wrong about the abduction, but needs to find who betrayed him before they can find happiness.

The story is rich in historical details about life and morals of the early 1800's in Cornwall. The two protagonists, Lucien and Aveline, are a delightful couple whose romance ultimately develops into a warm and heartfelt one. The action is fast paced and keeps the reader's interest alive. The romantic encounters between the two lovers are handled with delicacy.