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Publisher: New Concept Publishing
Release Date:
ISBN: 1-58608-487-9
Format Reviewed: E-book
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Genre:   Romantic Suspense
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Shelina Emery

Reviewer Notes:  Sensual/ Spicy

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Undercover Blues 
By Elizabeth Batten-Carew

     FBI Agent Frank O’Connor is sent to Hawaii to find a drug lord. On his off time, he is enjoying the beaches and the sites. One site in particular was Angel Tortina. Frank falls instantly in love with Angel. Her innocents draw him in, and then he discovers she is working for the drug lord he was sent to watch. He refuses to believe Angel could be involved in anything illegal. His trust in her is shattered when she turns him over to the mob boss. Frank was lucky to escape with his life, as well as his partner.

   At a benefit auction, Frank is to meet his new partner. Then he unexpectedly spots Angel. Knowing she could blow his cover and endanger the new partner, he leaves. He is stunned to realize that after four years he has deep feelings for her even though she betrayed him. At a meeting, his boss introduces him to his new partner-- Cindy Janson, AKA: Angel Tortina. The woman he loved yet hated was another agent.

   Cindy wanted nothing more than to refuse the assignment. She had worked long and hard to get inside the mob as a family member. She is afraid that Frank will blow her cover. Reluctantly she accepts the assignment and knows that Frank distrusts her. Secretly she harbors feelings for him, and when the assignment involves her marrying Frank it complicates matters. Will she be able to fight the feelings that threaten to explode?

    UnderCover Blues is one book you do not want to let pass by. It overflows with romance, suspense, intrigue, all can be found in this one book! The story line was incredible, and the mystery was at an all time high with a shocking outcome... Totally unexpected. Frank and Cindy are strong characters, and the double identity made the story more enlightening. This book comes very highly recommended.