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Publisher: Avon / HarperCollins
Release Date: 2004 - Reissue edition
ISBN: 0380762595
Format Reviewed: Mass Market Paperback
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Genre: Romance / Historical / Time Travel
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks
Reviewer Notes: explicit love scenes 

Until Forever
By Johanna Lindsey

     If you missed it first time around, here’s your chance to snatch up a copy of Lindsey’s Until Forever—a story of history, romance, and time travel.

     Roseleen White is a professor of history who collects antique weapons. Her latest procurement, Blooddrinker’s Curse, is an antique Viking sword. It came by way of a male relative because the owner refused to sell to a woman. Instantly, Roseleen feels an unnatural need to touch it, to hold it. Once she does, lightning flashes and a Warring Viking appears. Roseleen doesn’t appreciate her ex fiancé’s joke. But is it a joke?

     Thorn Blooddrinker resides in Valhalla, the Heaven of Gods, with his brother Thor. A curse keeps Thorn under the will of the sword’s owner. This owner—Roseleen—wants to see history first hand. Thorn is just as fascinated with Roseleen’s era and she accommodates. The two eventually learn the slightest change can throw a universe off.

     Engaging entertainment and hot romance are a lethal combination in Lindsey’s novels. Roseleen seems a bit too pure for a professor of her age and a Warring Viking gives in to a woman too easily, but that’s what makes it an old fashioned fairy tale. Curiosity about Thorn’s curse and the suspense of putting history back on track will keep the pages turning. Lindsey’s prolific pen will keep readers coming back.