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Publisher: New Concept Publishing
Release Date:
ISBN: 1-58608-442-9
Format Reviewed: E-book
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Genre: Romantic Paranormal [Thriller]
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Shelina Emery
Reviewer Notes: Spicy (Explicit content) 

The Valkyrie
By Mandy M. Roth

      Valerie is a woman unlike any other. Technically, she has no idea why she is so different. After suffering an assault, left for dead on a highway, and struck by a car, she should have been dead. Valerie could not remember much about her life before, only flashes and dreams. But with the help of a special doctor, and her own natural abilities, she recovers in only three months. Molly is Valerie’s roommate and best friend. She is also the nurse who helped her through her recovery in the hospital. But Molly is moving on, getting married, so Valerie looks for another place. Someone had left her a trust fund to start a new life while she was recovering. That was yet another mystery.

      Payton is Valerie’s doctor, and after five years of waiting, now her lover. He wants to marry her, tells her he loves her. But Valerie is reluctant to move into his house and share a life just yet. Payton knows she is different. But one night, while walking home, Valerie hears a woman’s scream. Though frightened, she rushes in to help the woman from an attacker. Right onto a movie set. On this night, all her troubles really begin.

      The man who was the actor, was also a vampire. Through him and yet another who walks into her life, she discovers she is a Valkyrie. Not quite a witch, but not quite a wizard. A woman from long ago returns to destroy Valerie. Upon confrontation, Valerie learns she had not always been on the side of good either. A little to late, she learns she loves her doctor, Payton. Only to have him taken from her. Valerie looses much, and gains knowledge as to who she is, all in one night.

     “Exciting!” “Thrilling!” “Addictive!” From the first paragraph till the very end, I was entranced. I absolutely loved this story! Not to mention, Valerie is one tuff cookie. Both in the physical sense and emotional. Each character had their very own personality. In The Valkyrie, you have it all. The paranormal side, with the reality of very real to life emotion. I have always been a paranormal fan, and can now add Mandy Roth to my list of favorites. Highly recommended.