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Publisher: Warner Books
Release Date: September 2004
ISBN: 0-446-61381-9
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre:   Medieval Scottish Romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Faith V. Smith
Reviewer Notes:  Explicit sex

Wedding For A Knight
By Sue-Ellen Welfonder

    Lady Amicia MacLean's most fervent wish is realized when she weds handsome Magnus MacKinnon. She has loved the man since her youth when he rescued her from a fall, but she never thought her girlish dreams would come true. Now, she anxiously awaits his return from battle to see if their surprise wedding is welcome and if he returns the same devotion she holds in her heart for her warrior husband.

     Magnus returns home tired, beaten and dissolute, to find he has been married by proxy to a woman he has cherished from afar for years. He should be overjoyed, but instead he is furious. He doesn't want Amicia's dowry to rebuild the fortune he lost while fighting for the king. He doesn't want her sympathy or her open invitation to take her as a man takes a wife.

    His pride will not allow him to accept her seductive offer.

   Amicia fights Magnus's pride and stubborn spirit as well as his comely and petite cousin in order to win his affections. Magnus is determined to withstand the siren call his wife puts forth, but he is caught in a trap of his own making when he is called upon to honor a pledge he gave a fellow knight.

        Ms. Welfonder's latest foray into medieval romance is magical. She brings back Devorgilla, a beloved character from her previous books and surpasses her readers' expectations. Her heroine is true-to-life with an audacity that matches the twenty-first century and the fact that Amicia is a bit more endowed than the run-of-the-mill heroines won her a special place in my heart. A sensitive and soul-tortured hero, along with accidents that happen on purpose, sinister evil and a ghost from the past make Wedding For A Knight, an excellent choice for a book that will rival a bubble bath for taking a reader away!