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Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Release Date:
ISBN: 0425194582
Format Reviewed: Mass Market Paperback
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Genre: Timetravel/Romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Janet Elaine Smith
Reviewer Notes: Some sex Janet Elaine Smith is the author of 12 published novels, as well as one nonpfiction book, The Flood of the Millennium. She is also a well-known magazine writer for 11 publications as well as some ezines.

The Wishing Chalice
By Sandra Landry

     Isabel is a young woman who is just coming off a bad marriage and longs to find not only peace of mind, but true love, when she stumbles on an antique pewter chalice. As she picks it up, she falls back in time, and when she regains consciousness, she discovers that she has inhabited the body of another woman, Detra.

     When she “meets” her husband, Hunter, she soon learns that they have never consummated their marriage, but she doesn’t know why. She fakes amnesia, and assumes that her counterpart, the real Detra, has probably taken possession of her body—in today’s world. She doesn’t know that Detra fell when she was holding the same chalice, and Hunter wonders if perhaps his wish to have the true love of his wife could possibly have been granted by the chalice. The new Detra is “managed” by Maude, her personal servant, who gradually reveals bits and pieces of Detra’s past.

     As the story of Detra and Hunter unfolds, they are drawn to each other, in spite of the fact that something does not seem quite right. The new Detra loves apples; the old one hated them. The new Detra can’t ride horses; the old one was an expert horsewoman. The new Detra has no knowledge of owning the castle they inhabit; the old one would do anything to maintain her ownership—everything except make love to her husband. The new Detra makes love like Hunter never imagined possible; the old one wouldn’t allow him to even kiss her.

     This is a very delightful tale, with a lot of twists and turns that will leave you reading from beginning to end in no time flat. Highly recommended. Now, we all want to know, what happened to Isabel/ Detra when she came to “our world”?