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All Things Sacred

by Beverly R. Jones

      Kendall is fleeing to South Carolina when she sees a woman being attacked on the side of the road. Stopping to intervene, she wakes up in the hospital with broken bones and amnesia, courtesy of a gunshot to the head. While she heals, Kendall is taken under the wing of the woman she saved.

Kendall knows she is hiding from someone evil, but has no idea who is chasing her or why she ended up in South Carolina. She is in a race against time to regain her memory before her past, and the man set on murder, catch up with her.

Jackson Coley, the brother of the woman she saved, helps Kendall live again - all the while trying to protect his heart from their growing chemistry. When the past finally comes to light, it has the power to shatter everything that Kendall has grown to love.

All Things Sacred has a wonderful plot full of twists and surprises. The ending is one that you won't see coming. This book has become one of my favorites and I highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys romantic thrillers. Once you pick up this book, you will have a hard time putting it back down.

The Book

Triskelion Publishers
March 2005
Contemporary Romance
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The Reviewer

Jennifer Glick
Reviewed 2005
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