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Glory & Promise

by Kim Murphy

      This is the conclusion to the trilogy that began with Promise and Honor and Honor & Glory (both reviewed on this site.) The Civil War is now over, but the South is paying a bitter price for their secession. Alice McGuire is now married to William Jackson, who has to sign the Oath of Loyalty, and who cannot even own property in his own right. Worse still, he is in love with Amanda, who is married to Union Colonel Sam Prescott, and she loves them both. Wil may find it hard to come to terms with what he has lost but, other Southerners find it even harder, and soon some of that hate is going to rain down upon Wil, Sam, and their families.

This is what I call a thinking person's romance. Not to cast a slur upon lighter fare, but there is real history in here along with a greater depth of emotion than mere attraction or lust. There aren't many books that deal with the awkward and painful period of Reconstruction after the war, but this one gets right under the skin of what it meant to everybody. Once again this isn't a story that takes sides, and there is good and bad not only on each side but also within most of the characters. We still know more about Wil than Sam, who never quite came to life for me, but both the sisters make strong, practical heroines without this diminishing their femininity. This trilogy has had the lot really - plenty of historical detail, lots of authentic blood and guts, adventure and romance, but above all a story about how people cope and evolve in extraordinary circumstances. More, please!

The Book

Coachlight Press
November 2005
Historical Romance [1865 Virginia etc]
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NOTE: Some Violence

The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2005
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