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A Place Out of Time

By Angel Lynn

   Forest ranger Dusty Monroe did all she could to help others, but helping herself escape from her very abusive fiancé is something she cannot do.

   Dusty is riding with her partner through the forest fire when she sees a child running into the forest. Dusty jumps out of the truck and runs to catch the child, only to finds herself engulfed in the fire when she got in a building. Suddenly she senses she is dying.

   Awakening in the arms of a man who believes she is a boy has Dusty thinking she is delirious. It does not take long, however, for Gregor Quinn to realize this is not a young lad, though he is unsure if he has found his destiny or if she is just another of his father's spies.

    After all, the letter in the box he found said she would come to him, her name would be Destiny and he must not let her go in the fire. Although what fire he does not know, but when he realizes Dusty's real name is Destiny, he begins believing that the box and letters he found are true. Dusty believes she has traveled back in time but Gregor knows differently and he will do all he can to save her.

   This is the first e-book I have ever reviewed and I must say I really enjoyed this story. When I first started this book, I just could not quit reading. This is one fascinating love story that is bound to keep the reader completely entertained. With Dusty as a strong, take-charge woman and Gregor the strong hunk of man, you cannot help but want to keep reading to find out what happens next.

    Kudos to Angel Lynn for one excellent plot and a fantastic read.

The Book

New Concepts Publishing
December 2004
Romance / Time Travel
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NOTE: Strong sexual content, explicit sex, violence against the heroine (not by hero) and some strong language.

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