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Stairway To Heaven

by Shannon Leigh

      Rhea and her Lab Assistant Ashley set out on the journey of a lifetime. On behalf of Providian Pharmaceutical they have been selected to travel deep into the Peruvian Amazon Forest in search of a cure for cancer. It is the perfect opportunity for Rhea to get away from a bad relationship that has left her heart broken.

When they finally arrive after the long 13 hour plane ride, one man stands out from the rest. His heavenly good looks have Rhea's heart beating out of control. When she asks her mentor, Jon who he is, she is surprised that he has suddenly disappeared. They arrive at the Huitoto Indian Village and are met with a warm welcome from the villagers. She is unable to get the mysterious man out of her thoughts and wants to find out more about who he is and why he is there. When she describes him to the village women they know who he is-Valos, The Guardian of the Stairway to Heaven. They tell her that only women can see him and he is known to grant a woman's greatest desire.

Rhea is unaware that he has a plan of his own for her. Through her dreams, he penetrates her subconscious mind and fills it with dreams of ecstasy. He tells her that he will grant her most inner desire, but one condition must be met and that is to grant him life and free him of the chains that hold him prisoner. Will she give into his request and submit to his demands and answer her true call of destiny?

Shannon Leigh's Stairway to Heaven is a true testament that good things do indeed come in small packages. The tropical setting is the perfect location for this sultry romance that dives deep into the hearts of paranormal fans. Readers will become enchanted by this author's hypnotic voice that shows that her talented pen writes one unforgettable romance.

The Book

Amber Quill Press
August 2005
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NOTE: 'E' Rating - best viewed by mature audiences

The Reviewer

Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2005
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