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Catch of the Day

by Whitney Lyles, Beverly Brandt, Cathie Linz, Pamela Clare

      Brides Gone Wild
Cathie Linz

Pam Greenley is starting to believe that all five brides she is doing floral designs for have turned into monsters.  No one is happy with what they have asked for.  If the wedding nightmares are not bad enough, her old flame, Michael Denton is back in town.  When Michael shows up at her flower shop she gives him the cold shoulder - after all, he is the one who is afraid of commitment, and she decided long ago she would just not fall for him anymore. But how can she resist him when just looking at him turns her on.

Heaven Can’t Waite
Pamela Clare

Lissy Chareris is in love with Will Fraser, and the wedding plans are in the air.  However, Lissy has come up with the perfect idea to see if they are marrying for love or just sex.   The idea is to do without sex, up until the wedding, although they are living together.  If one gives in and loses, then they will have to wear what the other wants them to for their wedding.  How easy it sounded just talking about it. But when it gets harder to keep away for both of them, they start another game, a game to see which can drive the other out of their mind first. 

So Caught Up In you
Beverly Brandt

Tasha O'Shaunessey keeps hearing rumers about her sister’s wedding planner Quinn Hayes, ones that she is determined to check out.  Is he what he seems or is he really trying to help the poor people.  However the more she’s around him the harder it is to keep her mind on what she is trying to discover as the man just screams sex appeal.

The Wedding Party
Whitney Lyles

Meg has believed herself in love with Mason.  However, when she meets a new man her life changes, as she has feelings she cannot deny.  Loving two men is wrong, but can Meg find the right one before it is to late?

Catch of the Day is a magnificent book filled with short stories you will not want to miss.  Each author brings her characters alive in their own unique way, leaving readers wishing the stories could go on.  This book is a great way to spend a quiet afternoon that no reader sis going to want to miss.  Definitely one for the keeper shelf.

The Book

Berkley Sensation
June 2006
Romance Anthology
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NOTE: Wonderful book of short stories that readers will love

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Tangela Williams
Reviewed 2006
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