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Lover Awakened

by J.R. Ward

      Two hearts that beat as one . . .

Twins, who were born together and shortly there after torn apart. Phury was the one who was left behind to grow in the loving home of his family. His life was one of royalty but in his heart a piece was always missing. Zsadist was snatched away one night by his nursemaid. It was her intent to raise the child as her own. Her plan fell apart when she met with an untimely death. The young child of two was sold into slavery. Hardship and sorrow was his constant companion. With each new master that he was sold to a new horror waited.

A brotherís love knows no boundaries . . .

When Phury grew into a man he made a vow to his family to find and bring home his missing brother. His search took him all across the countryside and years passed before he was able to gain information that led to a solid lead. He learned of a mistress who was keeping a blood slave. All indications made him believe at long last he was close to finding his lost brother. He used his charm and good looks to woo her into trusting him enough to show him her prize possession. When he had won her over and gained her trust she was eager to show him her "pet". Deep into the castle walls she led him towards his long sought after destiny. Finding his brother was a bittersweet revelation for he was chained helplessly on a bedded platform. It was evident he merely existed for his blackened eyes revealed a man whose body and soul was broken.

My patience to his fury, and am arm'd to suffer, with a quietness of spirit, the very tyranny and rage of his. . .

Rage engulfed Phuryís body but before he was able to act to free his brother the mistressís hellren returned and realized how he had been betrayed. His anger was quickly transferred to the slave as he savagely ripped him from his prisoner. With all hell breaking lose Phury fought with every measure of strength and ability, once he overthrew his adversary his eyes went to the platform where he had last seen Zsadist. A blood trail led to the outside; quickly he followed it fearing for his twinís safety. He managed to overthrow those who had attacked his brother. His twin was a bloody unconscious mess. He knew time was quickly running out for the sun was due to rise over the horizon at any given moment. With superhuman strength he threw his brother over his shoulder and fled to the cliff tops below into the icy ocean. That one quick made decision would forever change both of their lives.

Together reunited as one . . .

Due to their warrior lineage Phury and Zsadist were accepted as members of The Black Dagger Brotherhood. Together they fought to keep the Lessers from destroying their kind. Phury worried about his twinís savage nature. It was as though he received too much enjoyment each time he killed. It was rumored that he took great pleasure in draining the blood of prostitutes and tossing their lifeless bodies aside. He wondered if anything would ever be able to penetrate through the thick dark wall that consumed his twin.

A bright light shines through a dark tunnel . . .

Bella arrived at The Black Dagger Brotherhood with a friend. She appeases her curiosity by exploring the compound while her friend is being interrogated. She stumbles upon a gym where one of the warriors is working out. She is mesmerized by how he is able to make the punching bag he is pounding stand at attention. Her movements are detected by the warrior and she is unprepared for when he suddenly backs her towards the wall. His scarred face and distorted lip breathe a death sentence as he holds a dagger to her throat. Miraculously, she is saved when another brother sees what is about to occur and steps in to separate the two.

Danger and poison mixed together form a deadly potion . . .

The encounter stays with Bella days after it occurred. Her restless soul cries out for an adreline ride and the scarred warrior could be just what her restless soul is seeking. Zsadist is a man like no other she has ever encountered. He refuses to allow her to grow close to him for he feels his tainted blood will mar her perfect image. To distance himself from her is the toughest battle he has ever fought for he knows he is not worthy of her love.

There is a quake that rips the soul asunder... it is the pain of remembering . . .

The unthinkable occurs when Bella is captured by the Lessers. When the news reaches Zsadist's ears he is a man out of control. With each breath he takes vengeance fills his soul until it becomes a growing part of his dark existence. His dreams are haunted by the memories of her lovely face. With each week that passes and yet she has not been found his hope of finding her alive fades farther away.

Hope is passion for what is possible. . .

Bella is being held captive by a Lesser at a far off secluded cabin. She spends her day dreaming of the day she will be rescued. Each one of these fantasies revolves around Zsadist for he alone can be her hope of salvation. She knows it is foolish to believe she alone can break through Zsadistís walls of pain but she knows he is destined to be her mate. Will she be able to find a way to escape and turn her dreams into a reality? Or is she destined to live out her final days dreaming of a man that is filled with so much hate.

If there is one book that all paranormal fans should read in 2006 Lover Awakened is definitely my recommendation. This book is masterfully written with so much in-depth passion, intrigue, and emotional satisfaction. Zsadist is a character who you will find makes your heart bleed over all the inner turnoil he has endured. His story is one that will long be locked into my memory. I felt emotionally drained once I finished this book; days later I still wanted to relive the many memorable passages that occurred throughout the pages. I have never experienced such powerful writing that made me long to know more. I felt it was important to center this review on the past, present and a glimpse into the future. This book overflows with so much ground breaking character development it was difficult to write a review that didnít contain a spoiler. This is a must read series, the highest form of recommendation this reviewer has ever given is paid to this memorable book. Very highly recommended.

For an added bonus listen to the following songs that would be the perfect theme music for this book:

"Far Away" by Nickelback
"Broken" featuring Seether and Amy Lee

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The Book

September 5, 2006
Paranormal Romance
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NOTE: Best viewed by audience over the age of 18 due to the graphic and violent descriptive passages and strong explicit language.

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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2006
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