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Lover Eternal
A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

by J.R. Ward

      Darkness transcends on the pale moonlight, six mighty warriors gather together, sworn to fight. Truth, justice, they uphold, with each battle won they know there will be more. Evil forces be forewarned, this sworn legion is hell-bent on slaying those who threaten their immortal existence. -----Suzie Housley's tribute to The Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Centuries ago an impulsive act that Rhage committed brought down the wrath of the Scribe Virgin. As punishment for his senseless dishonor she placed a curse on him that a dragon beast would live within him. There are only two things that will keep the monster under control -the excitement he feels when he is engaged in a fight and the heat of passion whenever a female succumbs to his powers. Each day he lives in fear that the inner beast will break free and hurt the ones he loves. He finds little peace and comfort in knowing such a demon is a living part of him.

Mary Luce's life has been filled with many hardships. She watched helplessly as her mother suffered a slow and agonizing death due to muscular dystrophy. While she is still grieving over her great loss she finds herself being diagnosed with leukemia. The battle to overcome the disease takes all the will power she had to send the disease into remission. She knows that each day is one to be savored and enjoyed, for one never knows what the future may bring.

Through her volunteer work at Caldwell Suicide Prevention Hotline, she befriends a mute, young man named John. He is ecstatic to learn she can communicate with him through the use of American Sign Language. One evening while she is relaxing in her backyard with her friend Bella, John makes an appearance. Bella is quick to accept him with open arms. She takes an intense interest in a handmade bracelet he is wearing. She invites him to meet some of her brother's friends when she learns he has an interest in the martial arts. Mary can see the longing in John's eyes to accept Bella's offer. She can feel his hesitation at being unable to communicate with the group. She suggests that she go along to serve as his translator. From the joy she sees in John's eyes she knows that she has made the right decision.

The trio travel to the dark compounds of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. The journey is unlike any that Mary has ever experienced. What she encounters has her questioning whether it was real or fantasy. They are escorted into a room with a two-way mirror, to await the arrival of the unknown. Mary's curiosity gets the better of her; she decides to sneak a peak outside the door. She is unprepared for what she sees. There before her is the most beautiful warrior she has ever encountered. His intense teal blue eyes capture and hold her attention. Those powerful orbs gaze deeply into her eyes to the point where she feels lightheaded. It was as though she had found the one thing that had been missing from her life. As she spoke, his fingers caressed her lips and throat, encouraging words to flow from her mouth.

Through her voice the beast was tamed . . .

Mere words alone cannot accurately describe the sheer magnitude of the greatness of this mesmerizing series. Despite seven years of book reviewer experience I feel my words are inadequate in describing the intense emotions that sent me on a roller coaster ride as I dove into each page. It is a true honor to have the opportunity to read and review any of the books contained in this powerful collection. No doubt, JR Ward has created the best paranormal series every written. These characters will quickly become a part of your daily life. How each one of them is described paints a dramatic picture in your mind's eye. Each new addition is met with high anticipation; September 2006 cannot come soon enough. The highest form of recommendation is given to this award-winning author. Very highly recommended.

The Book

Signet Eclipse
March 7, 2006
Paranormal Romance
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NOTE: Second in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series after Dark Lover. For mature audience due to very explicit language and graphic scenes. No deaf characters but a mute who uses American Sign Language.

The Reviewer

Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2006
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