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Summer Breeze
Sequel to Keegan's Lady

by Catherine Anderson

      After the murder of her family, Rachel Hollister lived for five years without the sunlight, never able to leave her home. Her sanctuary was one room in the house that her father's foreman, Darby, had constructed for all her needs. She knows most people just think she is crazy, but to Rachel, the fear of being outside in the open is real. If she even tries to go outside, she faints.

Joseph Paxton was surprised to find Darby riding toward him. Even more surprising was the fact that Darby had been shot in the back. Darby would accept help only after Joseph promised to guard Rachel. Darby believes that whoever shot him is the same person that killed Rachel's family years before and will be coming after her next. Joseph did not know what to expect when he got to the Hollister home, and seeing the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in his life was a big surprise. After all, he had heard the talk about the crazy Hollister girl. Joseph soon realizes that she is not crazy, she just has a deep fear. The more Joseph is around, the more he wants to do what he can to help her, while trying to fight the feelings he is having for this woman.

Summer Breeze is one fascinating story that will have readers glued to the page from the beginning. With such an amazing plot and wonderful characters, each turn of the pages will be complete entertainment. Readers will love reading more about Joseph's brother, Ace, and his wife, Caitlin, from Keegan's Lady. Ms. Anderson shows once again what a magnificent talent she has for writing.

The Book

A Signet Book
January 2006
Historical Romance [1889]
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NOTE: A magnificent story

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Tangela Williams
Reviewed 2006
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