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Back on Blossom Street

by Debbie Macomber

      Back on Blossom Street is fabulous! Debbie Macomber is a gifted writer with an extraordinary writing style. She made me feel as though I personally knew each character portrayed in this book. Back on Blossom Street is an enjoyable, entertaining book that I hated to see end. I absolutely loved this book! Debbie Macomber has become one of my most favorite authors, and I plan to read all of her previous books. This one comes highly recommended.

Lydia Goetz is the owner of "A Yarn Shop" on Seattle's Blossom Street. She is ten years cancer free and still finds knitting to be her personal salvation. She's now married to Brad and step-mother to nine-year-old Cody. Her mother is in an assisted living facility, and Lydia is struggling with watching her mother's health decline.

Margaret Langley, Lydia's older sister, works full time at "A Yarn Shop." Margaret tends to be overprotective of Lydia and is suspicious by nature. When Margaret's daughter is injured during a car-jacking, Margaret is left in an emotional turmoil and is having trouble coming to terms with it. Lydia tries to protect Margaret from any further emotional trauma by down-playing their mother's decline in health.

Colette Blake rents the small apartment above "A Yarn Shop." A thirty-one-year-old widow devastated by the loss of her husband one year earlier, she approaches life fearfully. Colette is running from her past, but mostly she's running from herself. She's hiding from Christian Dempsey, her ex-boss and the father of her unborn child.

Alix Townsend works at the "French Café" as a baker. In less than four months she will become Reverend Jordan Turner's wife, and that terrifies her. With her mother currently in prison and a brother dead from a drug overdose, Alix fears she's not fit to be a Pastor's wife. As soon as Jordan placed the engagement ring on her finger, life as she knew it changed. With no say in her own wedding plans and a future husband who isn't listening to her, she breaks out in hives from all the stress and considers calling the whole thing off.

Alix, Susannah (who owns the flower shop next door to "A Yarn Shop"), and Colette sign up for Lydia's new knitting class. The class project is a prayer shawl. Through their time spent together they share their life experiences and become close friends, giving each other the support each one needs.

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April 24, 2007
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