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Brianna’s Navy Seal

by Natalie J. Damschroder

      Think Kindergarten Cop, mixed with the fun and frustration of nearby family, add a cup of trouble and a dash of malice, and you have the makings of Brianna’s Navy Seal.

There was a time in Brianna’s life when she wanted nothing more than adventure. The time has passed. When Cable, ex-Navy Seal and new Kindergarten teacher, arrives, all of the female teachers, except Brianna, know he can lead any of them to any adventure. Brianna has had her share of excitement and prefers not to experience it again. She would like to run as far from Cable as she could and should, but the attraction between them is too strong.

As Cable gets to know Brianna, her family, and the residents of Brook Hollow, he knows this is what he has dreamed of for years, even if he hadn’t been able to say the words. This was the peace he sought. A series of events, including Brianna’s abduction, make him realize that although he is no longer in the service, he still has battles to fight.

Full of action, romance, and comaraderie, nicely rounded with humor, Brianna’s Navy Seal is a fast-paced read. Ms. Damschroder does a marvelous job of bringing Brook Hollow and its inhabitants to life!

The Book

Amber Quill Press, LLC
January, 2007
Contemporary Romance
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The Reviewer

Tara Manderino
Reviewed 2007
NOTE: Tara Manderino is the author of Soul Guardian, Whisper My Name, and The Heir.
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