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Known to All

by Gloria Gay

Violet, the illegitimate daughter of the Viscount Kelly has always lived with the stigmatism of whom she is and who her parents are. She has also dealt with more than any young woman should, however even after her father marries her mother and therefore claiming Violet as his daughter, Violet is still looked at the same by society. To men Violet is no better that her mother and will never be good for anything but a mistress, which is exactly what the Duke of Hawkinston wants her to be.

However, Violet has sworn no man will ever make her do anything she doesn't want to do again. Still Hawkinston is determined to have his way no matter what. As there is no other woman he wants as he does Violet.

Ms. Gay has given Regency romance fans a novel not to be missed in this delightful tale. Readers will be glued to the pages as this story comes to life making this one book that they will be unable to put down until the end.

The Book

March 2007
Paper back
Regency Romance
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The Reviewer

Tangela Williams
Reviewed 2007
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