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Sun Kissed

by Catherine Anderson

      Veterinarian Tucker Coulter was beginning to think that he would never find a love as his brothers and sister have found.  However, when he first meets the lovely Samantha Harrigan at a rodeo and spends some time in jail getting to know her, Tucker soon begins thinking this may be the one he has been looking for.  If he could just find a way to get to know her more, things would be perfect.  Although getting called out to save Samantha’s sick horses was not the way he envisioned getting to know her better.

Samantha has had her fill of men after dealing with her ex-husband, but when she meets Tucker, her feelings for the opposite sex seem to change.  It is hard to refuse feelings for a man as thoughtful and caring as Tucker seems to be, and when things start going wrong around her stables it is Tucker who saves Samantha’s valuable horses.  Tucker also wants to take care of Samantha, a fact that he has shown continuously. Now if Samantha can only bring herself to give her trust to a man again.

Sun Kissed, is for Ms. Anderson’s fans, the long awaited story of Tucker Coulter, and fans will definitely not be disappointed as they read this well written magnificently presented love story, jam packed with romance and suspense. This book will please every reader.  Ms. Anderson truly has a gift for writing the family series that has fans anxiously anticipating her next book.  This reader can hardly wait as Ms. Anderson has stated on her website that there will soon be a story of Clint Harrigan, the oldest brother of Samantha, which means we will be reading more about some of our much loved characters from the previous Coulter family series while getting to know these knew and exciting characters. Excellently written Romance

The Book

January 2, 2007
ISBN13: 978-0-451-21895-7
Contemporary Romance
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Tangela Williams
Reviewed 2007
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