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Another Country

by Katharine Swartz

      Eleanor Crombie had barely married her soldier husband when he was killed in action.  With no home of her own his family took her in - but they are keen to see her gone.  There seems to be no option but to join her brother in Boston where he works as a doctor, and being a single man is sure to need a housekeeper.  Meanwhile, Caroline Campbell lives a rather lonely life elsewhere in Glasgow, which is only relieved by visits from her uncle.  He is now keen to see her launched in society, but this appears to be Boston society, and who is the odious Dearborn?  The two women meet while crossing the Atlantic, and their lives become entwined.

Here is a look at Boston in the early days, as well as Prince Edward Island.  I might have preferred more description of the minutiae of daily life and what everything looks like for a total immersion in the time and place, but most of the time I was too immersed in the story itself to notice.  With two protagonists who are opposites, various romances going on, nefarious plots and plenty of other action this is a good lively tale, and just the thing for anybody who likes more than just a romance.  There is a good feeling of a young country being settled and developed, opportunities being grasped and places evolving as a backdrop, forming a good part of the story as well.  Something happens on every page in fact. So I would certainly recommend Ms Swartz to anybody who enjoys this type of book.

The Book

Robert Hale
November 2007
Historical Romance [1832, Glasgow, Boston and Canada]
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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