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Beware What You Wish

by Faith V. Smith

      Romance novelist Leah Hawkins explores England’s Knightley Hall for historic nuggets to include in her next book. Researching the crumbling castle proves time-consuming and back-breaking, but stubborn optimism keeps her clinging to the tower’s slippery steps. Stretching upwards to search for hidden trinkets, Leah loses her balance. A splash of water and Leah finds herself in a bathtub. If that landing weren’t strange enough, the tub’s other occupant is a rock-solid, English-Scottish man, who claims he’s laird of the castle. Besides falling onto the naked lap of the hottest man she’s ever seen, Leah has landed in the year 1811.

Alistair MacKinnon cannot figure out how this woman has fallen into his tub, but she must be mad. Who would believe this scantily dressed woman’s claims to be from the future? His Scottish genes would like to ravage her now and ask questions later, but he summons his English manners to help her. Before they can figure out a way for Leah to return to the future, Alistair’s cousin, Gavin, visits with claims of land ownership, as decreed in their grandfather’s latest will. Alistair suspects his scheming cousin forged the document but doesn’t have proof to contradict it. Gavin leers at Leah and suggests she remain as part of the castle’s belongings and his soon-to-be possessions. Alistair knows marriage will protect Leah, and he demands that she marry him. Leah wants to claw out Gavin’s eyes, but Alistair’s chauvinistic proposal makes her even more determined to return to the 20th century. Her obstinacy usually serves her well. Can she ignore the recurring sadness about leaving when Alistair makes her heart float with desire?

Although this is not my usual reading genre, I thoroughly enjoyed Beware What You Wish. Time travel sets the stage for delicious conflicts; charming characters dance within differences of dress, language, and culture. Readers will lose themselves in the story’s romance, excitement, and humor. Author Faith V. Smith creates a sizzling romance that ignites in a 19th century laird’s bath and blazes to a love destined to last beyond the chains of time. Beware What You Wish delivers exactly what readers want: a delightful story that knows true love lives in the mind, body, and heart.

The Book

The Wild Rose Press
October 2008
Romance / Time Travel - Present Day, 19th Century England
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NOTE: Sexual Content

The Reviewer

Jennifer Akers
Reviewed 2008
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