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Carolina’s Walking Tour

by Lesley-Anne McLeod

      After three failed season attempts Carolina Finmere has had enough with trying to find herself a mate. She has accepted that her plain, ordinary looks and shy demeanor will always be a road block to finding true love and happiness. Instead of trying another season in London, she decides to forgo it to visit her grandmother in Bath.

Carolina spends her days in Bath taking long walks; she finds that this is the one activity that keeps her mind from wondering if she will ever be a wife and mother. On one of her excursions she notices a man who is gravely wounded and scarred. Each step he takes is apparently only through great pain and concentration.

Each time she encounters the stranger Carolina finds that she wants to know more about the man of mystery. She gets up the courage to question her grandmother. She learns that his name is Lord Alexander Quainton, and he is a wounded war hero of the Peninsular War. With his scars he makes himself a recluse from society. With this information her interest in meeting him only heightens.

The opportunity to be introduced comes one day through her grandmother and his mother. The introduction was brief but she found herself enchanted by his quick wit and charming personality. Through her eyes his scars seem to disappear and she sees a man so worthy of a woman’s love. When he asks her to accompany him on his daily walks she is delighted to accept his offer.

The next three months she spends time accompanying him on his daily walking routine. She learns that he uses these walks as a form of exercise. With each outing she finds herself growing more in love with him. She knows that her days of having him to herself are coming to an end, for in September he is scheduled to leave with his mother. She is reluctant to let him just walk out of her life without sharing her feelings of devotion. Will she get the courage to reveal her true feelings and will they be returned?

Lesley-Anne McLeod’s Carolina’s Walking Tour is an outstanding tribute to the Regency genre. This is the perfect way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon. You will quickly be drawn into the overall drama unfolding in this memorable story. Regency fans, this is the type of story that will make your day, the emotional impact alone will take your breath away. Very highly recommended.

The Book

Uncial Press
March 2008
Regency Romance / Bath England, 1813
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The Reviewer

Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2008
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