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Daughters of Change

by Teressa Wilde

      Teressa Wilde is a new author from Minnesota. Her debut work of short fiction, Daughters of Change, is a collection of four stories that deal with relationships. The first, "Huldre," is a modern retelling of the Norwegian folktale of the huldre, beautiful women who grow a cow's tail. In Wilde's story, Sigrid finds that she is from a line of enchantresses who come into power when they experience their first sexual attraction and grow a long tail. But Sigrid finds that there is more to her power than her tail and with it comes patience.

Similarly, the last story in the collection, "Kiss Me," is a twist on the Frog Prince, and will leave readers smiling. The two stories in between are "The Firewitch" and "The Succubus." Both stories also deal with inherited powers. "The Succubus" contains a surprise. The longest story of the lot, "The Firewitch," is a complex fantasy novella that casts some fairy elements in a dark light while creating new images of timeworn baddies such as ogres, witches, and sorceresses. Even Wilde's gypsies and monks are freshly drawn.

Daughters of Change is currently available as an ebook from Lyrical Press. Teressa Wilde has proven that she can bring ancient lore and myth into the twenty-first century, creating believable new characters in well-plotted stories. I encourage her to try her hand at a fantasy / romance novel next. I'm sure she will deliver it with panache.

The Book

Lyrical Press
June 2, 2008
Fantasy / Romance
Amazon Kindle edition
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The Reviewer

Janie Franz
Reviewed 2008
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