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by Jane Tara

      In this debut novel, Rowie Shakespeare, a beautiful redheaded psychic (from a long line of beautiful redheaded psychics), gets hired to deliver weather forecasts at a high-ranked New York television station.  Her abilities include flawlessly predicting the weather, reading palms, and seeing into the future during a kiss.  Although her first gift got her the job and her second gift helps save lives, her ability to see a man’s romantic future after one kiss has doomed her love life to failure.  That is, until she kisses her one true love and feels... nothing.

Unfortunately for Rowie, she experiences that ultimate kiss with Drew Henderson, the station’s playboy meteorologist whom she is temporarily replacing, after he suffers an accident while covering a hurricane in Florida.  Despite their mutual attraction, they have a professional rivalry which is fueled on by a conniving producer at the station who is also in love with Drew.  In a strange twist, the author gives us a peek inside the thoughts of the two lovers and inside the mind of Jess Walker, the producer who gives Rowie a job only to snatch it away from her when she witnesses the budding romance between the two rivals. 

A strange assortment of other colorful characters inhabit this world.  There are Rowie’s eccentric grandmother and mother who run a New Age shop called Second Site that sells books, crystals, tarot cards, tools of the occult, and readings.  There are Rowie’s new co-workers at the station, who all share mixed emotions about the quirky young woman with no broadcast experience or meteorological training who takes over the weather spot.  Then there are the lost souls who enter Second Site looking for answers to some of the strangest questions.    

Forecast provides an entertaining look at the collision between science and metaphysics.  While no one but Rowie can accurately predict the weather, most readers will be able to predict the happy outcome of this fun contemporary paranormal romance.

The Book

Dorchester / Love Spell
October 2007
Mass Market Paperback
Contemporary Romance (Paranormal)
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NOTE: Some Sexuality

The Reviewer

Leslie Halpern
Reviewed 2008
NOTE: Reviewer Leslie Halpern is the author of Reel Romance. The Lovers' Guide to the 100 Best Date Movies and Dreams on Film. Coming Soon: A Writer's Guide to Fearless Interviews.
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