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To Taste Temptation
The Legend of the Four Soldiers

by Elizabeth Hoyt

      Today’s war-weary, shell-shocked world seems the perfect time to introduce Hoyt’s new "The Legend of the Four Soldiers" historical romance series. The first in the series, To Taste Temptation, presents Samuel Hartley, a rough-around-the-edges American businessman who comes to England searching for the man who betrayed his military regiment to the enemy several years earlier, resulting in a massacre. As Samuel’s search begins, he encounters the prim and proper Lady Emeline Gordon, the widowed sister of his former commanding officer, who was killed during the terrifying bloodbath following the betrayal.

Samuel, an accomplished long-distance runner and tracker, finds his search for the traitor impeded by his younger sister, Rebecca (who came with him to England to form a closer relationship), thugs and spies who attempt to thwart his research, and a growing attraction for Emeline, who is far above his social status - at least by English standards.

The sometimes-shrewish Emeline has her own problems to worry about. A young widow whose parents and brother also died young, she is left with her little boy and maiden aunt. Surrounded by her wealth, social standing, and scores of rich society friends, she is nonetheless alone - without a man to love, that is. Although engaged to an old family friend, Emeline feels herself falling deeply and passionately in love with the badly dressed, ill-mannered Colonial who enters her world.

As in Hoyt’s previous series about three princes, this new series presents interesting, not-quite-perfect men with personal demons to overcome, emotional and physical weakness, yet strong physical prowess, and lusty sexual desires that go beyond acceptable societal standards. A legend about the four soldiers begins each chapter and loosely relates to the contents of the book, To Taste Temptation. Overall, an excellent read, though Emeline often comes across as a woman you love to hate.

The Book

Grand Central Publishing / HachetteBookGroup
May 2008
Mass Market Paperback
Romance - Historical (England, 1764)
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NOTE: Sexually Explicit, Violence

The Reviewer

Leslie Halpern
Reviewed 2008
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