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All of Me
Wedding Veil Wishes series, book 4

by Lori Wilde


Attorney Jillian Samuels is the last of her four friends not to have found true love; each one of them swears they found their soulmate by making a simple wish on a veil.  Legend has it that anyone who makes a wish on this heirloom veil is destined to find their true love.  Since Jillian is without a mate, her friend Rachel, who recently got married, passed it on to her in hopes that it would work its magic.

Jillian does not believe in such mumbo jumbo superstition nor does she believe in love.  Instead she concentrates on hard facts and bringing people to justice.  Her job is her life and without it she would feel as though her identity was gone.

Jillian’s world goes spinning out of control when her supervisor and close friend Blake, the District Attorney, unexpectedly passes away. She is devastated since she has always looked at him not only as her supervisor but also as a dear friend and mentor.

When Blake’s job is given to Criminal Court Judge Alex Fredericks, Jillian knows that her career is over. She once fancied herself in love with Alex until she discovered he was hiding the fact he was married.  She knows she can never accept Alex as her supervisor due to their past relationship.  Feeling as though she has no other choice, she makes the decision to quit her job.

Jillian decides to start her life over in another state. She finds the answer to her new life lies in Salvation, Colorado.  She learns she has inherited a cottage in this small town and sees it as a sign to go find a new life for herself.

Life in Salvation does not provide the tranquil environment she envisioned. Instead of finding a quaint little cottage, she finds a cottage inhabited by a stubborn Tuck Manning.  Tuck insists the cottage is his and Rachel is intent to prove him wrong.

As a compromise, the two decide to live under the same roof until all the mess is sorted out.  Rachel doesn’t expect to find her close quarters with Tuck so distracting. Can she keep her mind on defeating him at his own game and winning out in the end?  Or will she lose her heart in the process?

Lori Wilde is the Queen of Series Romance. This series has had me counting the days until another title was released.  Each one of her beloved characters makes a mark on your heart.  All of Me is the type of romance you sit down with on your sun porch, pour a glass of cold tea, and bask in the warm sunshine while you savor each addictive word.  Very highly recommended.

The Book

April 1, 2009
Mass Market Paperback
0446502057 / 978-0446502054
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Suzie Housley
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