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Althea’s Grand Tour

by Emily Hendrickson


Althea Ingram might have a good dowry and a pretty enough face, but her height—5’10"—puts men off. She hopes one day to find a man taller than she, but to date the only eligible one has been John Maitland, the Earl of Montmorcy, and he called her an Amazon! Fed up with her life and craving an escape, she remembers how her father enjoyed his Grand Tour...might she not have one too? So, accompanied by pretty, petite widow Cecily de Lisle, and grumbling relation Jemima Greenwood, she sets out for Switzerland.  Trouble is, it is not long before her path crosses that of another seasoned continental traveler—the Earl of Montmorcy.

What a pleasant and stimulating change to at last read about the trials and joys of continental travel in a Regency novel! Frequent visitors to this site will know how highly I rate Ms Hendrickson’s well-researched novels, and this one lives up to expectations. Granted, I have not visited the places described, and even if I had they would not have been the same as in 1816, but it all has the ring of authenticity about it and this, plus a good story, is enough for me. There is even the added frisson of trying to guess who is making attempts on Althea’s life, as well as excellent descriptions of Alpine excursions and other adventures. The protagonists are engaging, the mood mainly sunny...short of going forth on a pleasant excursion in person, this is surely the next best thing.

The Book

Robert Hale
August 31, 2009
0709082886 / 9780709082880
Historical Romance / 1816 Switzerland
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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