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The Angel and the Highlander

by Donna Fletcher


Ms. Fletcher’s latest is hilarious, sensual, and totally romantic.  The hero and heroine get top marks for their emotions, the secondary cast is excellent, and the solution to all their problems is well thought out, although nothing is in concrete until the end of the book.

Lachlan Sinclare has a job to do and he will do it—even if he has to bring back a disgruntled bride-to-be.  Although Lady Alyce is not his betrothed, he is determined to get her to the altar per her father’s wishes.  When he arrives at Everagis Abbey, he is shocked to find that the lady has perished from illness.  He should return quickly to apprise the Laird of his daughter’s death but he finds himself drawn against his will to Sister Terese.

Alyce, who has taken on the guise of Sister Terese after her untimely death, is baffled by the Highlander who seeks Alyce.  He is nothing like any warrior she’s ever seen.  Instead of leaving, he and his men help with chores, fix up their cottages, and then help her and her sisters in adversity to fight off mercenaries.  The only problem in having a relationship, albeit friendly, with a warrior of Lachlan’s sensuality, is he thinks she is a nun and helpless.

Lachlan and Alyce knock heads and soon find that the people around them know their hearts better than they do.  When he discovers who she is, he takes her back to Scotland and she finds herself a bride, his bride.  Her fearsome skills as a warrior are berated, and she discovers that if she is to continue to be a strong woman who can look out for herself, she must fight not only Lachlan, but his brothers as well.

The Book

Avon Books / HarperCollins
May 2009
Mass Market Paperback
Historical Romance / Medieval Scotland
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NOTE: Explicit Sexual Content

The Reviewer

Faith V. Smith
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Faith V Smith's Regency time travel romance, titled Beware What You Wish, came out in late 2008, and her new vampire romance, titled Kensington's Soul, was released February 2009.
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