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At Grave's End
Night Huntress, Book 3

by Jeaniene Frost

      Half human, half vampire Cat Crawfield, known to the undead world as The Red Reaper, works for the undead Homeland Security. Working alongside her boyfriend / husband, Bones, Cat is used as bait to lure the murderous undead into a trap so they can be extinguished—permanently! But lately her job has become even more dangerous because she's been recognized on her last three assignments as an agent. As if being at war with the undead isn't enough, Cat's own vampire father is out to kill her (escalating her situation from awful to doomed) and her mother absolutely hates vampires. Cat, along with Bones and several other vampires and ghouls, investigates public establishments where humans are said to have gone missing.

At Grave's End is filled with quirky characters, creative dialogue and packed with action. Some scenes ended or changed too abruptly, causing some confusion to the reader. The writing appeared a little too rushed and there were too many characters. Overall, At Grave's End was an enjoyable, entertaining book that most of Jeaniene Frost's fans will still enjoy. With a few less characters and more descriptions of the characters remaining it would have been even better.

The Book

Avon Books / An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
December 30, 2008
Mass-market Paperback
Paranormal romance
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2009
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