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Bath Belles

by Joan Smith


Bath miss Belle Haley is still in mourning for her murdered fiancÚ, but has traveled with her mother and younger sister London to claim the town house that he left her It is soon evident that all sorts of people are keen to see inside the house, not merely because a man was murdered there, but because of the treasure that is supposed to have been hidden within. This brings Belle in contact with insurance man Desmond Maitland, who suspects that she is up to something. Soon Belle is finding out all sorts of things about her lost love and becoming strangely interested in his cousin.

If you like more from your Regency than just a romance, here is a mystery for you. Who are the villains? Where is the missing money and who murdered Graham? There is perhaps more of this than romance in here, but personally I enjoyed reading a different type of story with a familiar Regency setting. Less familiar is the fact that the characters are middle class, with no expensive Season or vouchers for Almacks, and brushes with cant-speaking lowlifes instead of the aristocracy. All this, together with the pace and humor, made for a delightful reading experience. Another gem from the prolific pen of "the Canadian Georgette Heyer."

The Book

Robert Hale
30 October 2009
0709079265 / 9780709079262
Historical Romance / Regency / London
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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