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Bride Of A Wicked Scotsman

by Samantha James


Samantha James has penned an enchanting tale.  Myth and love abound in this romance of an Irish lass who must reclaim a magical relic.  In doing so, she captures the heart of a Scottish Lord.  The sensuality is off the charts, and the emotions were so lovely and tense at times, I wanted to cry.   Bride Of A Wicked Scotsman is a keeper, a truly enthralling romance.

Irish born and bred, Lady Maura O'Donnell's heart is ripped asunder when her father unexpectedly dies.  His last words about the Circle of Light command her to go to the Black Scotsman whose ancestor stole the Celtic relic.  The thievery caused the O'Donnell's holdings to plunge into poverty.   With that thought in mind, she masquerades as a lady pirate and her booty includes a night in the Scotsman’s bed.  Upon waking, her plan is set; she must wed Alec McBride, the Duke of Gleneden.  Only then can Maura go to Scotland, find the relic, and return it to its rightful home.

Alec is astounded—the experienced lady he thinks he bedded is actually a virgin.  To prevent scandal from touching his family, he marries Maura and then is immersed in a game of touch me not when his bride denies him bedding privileges.  He discovers there is more to his new wife's innocent air when she finally gives up the game, and he finds that once again he is bedding a virgin.  When the truth comes out, after much anger and deliberation, he decides to help her find the supposed relic.   He only hopes she will change her mind and not leave him when they find the treasure she seeks.

Past greed, curses, and misunderstandings must be resolved before the Irish and Scot can repair the damage of century old strife in Ms. James delectable and moving tale of love.

The Book

Avon Books
February 24, 2009
Mass Market Paperback from Advance Review Copy
Historical Romance / Ireland and Scotland
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NOTE: Explicit Sexual Content

The Reviewer

Faith V. Smith
Reviewed 2009
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