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The Bride Price

by Anne Mallory

      Vengeance is a sweet price to pay...

To liven up the ton, an Earl came up with an ingenious plot to sponsor a contest in which the winner would win big.† The prize would include a title, an estate and, most of all, the hand of the fair Lady Sarah Pim.

Sebastian Deville knows that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help return his motherís land back to its rightful family.† For years, he has dreamed of the day in which he would be able to seek revenge against those who had wronged his family.

Caroline Martin is appalled that her father, the Earl, could come up with such an indecent contest as this one, offering up his goddaughter as a prize.† She fully intends to take whatever measures are necessary to see that the contest is never played out.

Her determination to foil the contest has her locking horns with Sebastian Deville.† She recognizes that he is a man determined to win at any cost.† Will she be able to succeed in stopping such a barbaric contest without losing her heart in the process?

The Bride Price is so well worth its weight in gold.† Anne Mallory has penned an enchanting tale that presents two of the most beloved characters you will ever meet.† Very highly recommended.

The Book

October 28, 2008
0061579130 / 978-0061579134
Historical Romance - 1822 England
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