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Calypsoís Revenge
A Traitorís Heart

by Dehanna Bailee

      All it took was one act of instinct, of conscience, of honor, and the course of Brigadier Commander Teahalandra Valtamiseís life was irrevocably altered. Branded a traitor following the death of her partner and her own flight from justice, Teah has been on the run for eight years. But life is all about change, and hers is about to change again.

Jonathan Ryker—diplomatic envoy, soldier, bounty hunter—didnít set out to apprehend Teah, but when fate tosses her into his path, honor and duty leave him with no other option but to take her into custody.

Dehanna Baileeís newest book, Calypsoís Revenge: A Traitorís Heart, is about the choices we make and the sacrifices that are demanded of us. Itís about having the courage to do whatís right rather than whatís easy. This is obviously a lesson its creator has taken to heart, fearlessly penning a storyline that stays true to the characters, no matter what, until it reaches its perfect and perfectly-crafted ending.

Fans of Sci-fi action / adventure tales will love this book because it offers a fast paced, believable story filled with intrigue and aliens set in a far away but completely familiar society. Fans of character-driven romances will love it even more. This is a surprising book in some ways: a tender-hearted love story between two battle hardened warriors; an unflinching tale of friendship, forgiveness and trust. Itís also one of the best books Iíve read in a while. It was a hard book to put down. I suspect it will be even more difficult to forget.

The Book

Blue Leaf Publications
January 2009
9780975509548 / 0975509543
Sci Fi /Speculative Romance
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PG Forte
Reviewed 2009
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